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How to update multiple item in a list

Question asked by linda on Mar 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by eharris04

I am using SP Server 2010 and Nintex Enterprise 2010.


I have a custom SharePoint list called ''Accredited Suppliers'' with the 4 columns below:


  1. Contract of Services Expiry Date (Calculated field)
  2. Performance Review Expiry Date (Calculated field)
  3. Insurance Expiry Date (Calculated field)
  4. Status of Supplier (Choice field with several options such as ''Compliant'',
    ''Non-Compliant'', ''In Progress'' etc)


I have created a site workflow to check whether any of the 3 calculated date fields above are less than or equal to the current date and, if so, then the ''Status of Supplier'' field value needs to change to ''Non-Compliant''.


The workflow runs but it won't update the status for any of the expired suppliers in the list. Can someone please provide simple instructions on how to achieve this result as I need this working urgently and am obviously doing something wrong!


Thanks :-)