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Rule for Date Control not working

Question asked by sunilbe on Mar 19, 2015
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I have a Date Control field in my form called "Date Delivery Requested". I'm trying to add a rule to this field using Nintex form 2013.


The rules are:

1. The Date field should not be empty

2. Selected date can not be earlier than Current Date

3. Selected date should always be Current Date +14 days


I'm using the following formula:

(!isNullOrEmpty({Self})) && (varDateDiff <15 || DateDeliveryRequested < CurrentDate).


"(varDateDiff <15 || DateDeliveryRequested < CurrentDate)" this part of the formula works fine on it's own, however when I combine it with "(!isNullOrEmpty({Self}))", the formula doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? Any help is much appreciated.


Thanks in advance :-)



PS: The variable varDateDiff = dateDiffDays(Current Date,DateDeliveryRequested)