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Prevent multiple workflow instances from running on conditional start

Question asked by arice on Mar 18, 2015
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I am using Nintex Workflow 2010 on a multi-server SharePoint 2010 farm.  I have seen this problem many times and am wondering if there is a method to avoid encountering the issue.  I have a list with an InfoPath 2010 customized form attached.  I have a workflow on the list which runs conditionally when the item is modified.  The condition uses a calculation like 'State (previous value) not equals State'.  When the form is updated and the state changes, the workflow will get kicked off multiple times (not necessarily consistent, could be 2 or 3 times).  I have been able to workaround this issue by adding a Pause at the start of the workflow.  A Pause will ensure that only one instance runs.  However, I keep having to do this and I don't want all these delays.  I would really just like to figure out why the workflow is getting kicked off multiple times in the first place.


Thanks for any help that you may be able to provide.