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Guidance for content database updates during SP2010 to SP2013 migration.

Question asked by webservices on Mar 18, 2015
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I am relatively new to SharePoint and completely new to Nintex products.


I'm working on migrating an existing SP2010 site to SP2013.


We are nearing the point of where we will take a final snapshot of the SP 2010 content database and do the migration steps needed to get that content database into the SP2013 farm.  (These steps include upgrading custom solutions, changing from classic authentication mode to claims mode, etc.)


I'm trying my first Nintex install of workflow and forms now on our SP 2013 staging farm.


I've read in the Nintex installation that the workflow and forms products are updating the content database.


What do I need to be aware of the next time I remove the SP2013 database and replace it with the latest migrated SP2010 database?

1) Do I need to do a remove / reinstall of Nintex before doing the final content database migration?

2) run some repair scripts?

3) No worries- everything should just work.  :-)  yeah, right.


Any guidance / heads up appreciated!


Dan Moyer