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Set a condition in a repeating section

Question asked by harfmt on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by harfmt

I have a drop down list of items. The last item in the drop down list is the word 'Other'. I then have a text box that is to be populated if 'Other' is selected from the drop down list. I then want to merge both of these fields into another field. ie if Other is chosen then the value in the text box gets placed into the new field otherwise the drop down value gets placed into the new field.


The problem is that the 'Set A Condition' control only sees the main form fields and not the repeating section fields. So I'm not sure how to go about this merge for the repeating section data.


Field data Example: (attached)


Normally I would use the following, but the repeating section field names don’t appear in the ‘Where’ drop down in the control (see below). Is it possible to set this type of condition using repeating section data?


Screenshots (attached) :

1. Workflow 'Set a contidiont' control.

2. 'Where' drop down list in control config.

Any ideas?