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SPServices, Nintex, and Claims Based Auth

Question asked by leanalcabasa on Mar 15, 2015
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Hi all,


Has any of you recently used SPServices with Nintex Forms and Claims Based Auth? I am having trouble with it.


Particularly, it cannot seem to get any data from the User Profile Service.


I noticed that the username it gets when querying account names programatically is of the format i#0:<domain>:<username> (or something of the like). I thought this was the problem so I just changed it back to <domain>:<username>.


The code I'm using is similar to this one:


// Query the User Profile Service for the current user's manager
NWF$(document).ready(function() {
  var ManagerAccount;

  NWF$().SPServices({  operation: "GetUserProfileByName",  async: false,    AccountName: NWF$().SPServices.SPGetCurrentUser(),

  completefunc: function (xData, Status) {
  ManagerAccount = getUPValue(xData.responseXML, "Manager");

  // Initialise Manager People picker control  var managerPicker = new NF.PeoplePickerWrapper('.manager-control input');

  managerPicker.ready(function () {

// ****************************************************
// Function to retrieve User Properties
// ****************************************************

function getUPValue(x, p) {
  var thisValue = NWF$(x).SPFilterNode("PropertyData").filter(function() {
  return NWF$(this).find("Name").text() == p;
  return thisValue;

  //search for Manager Name and add first search result (data) {  managerPicker.add(data[0]);  });



Thank you!