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Table of changed values whithin a workflow-item

Question asked by lars on Mar 11, 2015
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today some of my workflows are running on errors during the item "change value". The error message is very bad defined with "item could not update because maybe one of the columns isn't consitent with the used type". The workflow running before this "new" error a lots of 100 times and no changes was done. Also the value which should be changed: set "Responsible [Type: Person or Group]" with data from "Created by [Type: Person or Group]" is defined whith the right type.


So I would used the detailed history report within the Workflow History, but I can't start it!?


For explaination: When I chose a item in my list and go to the Workflow History of this item, I see all the runned and current running workflows. When I click on one of the workflows, the grafically overview will shown to me where some of the items of the workflow are marked as grey, green or yellow. I remember that I could make a double-click on one item like "change value" and a new windows will come up and has show me a table with the status of all used variables and list-cells in this workflow before and after this workflow-element was started.


This action isn't available anymore? I didn't found some settings for this in the Nintex-Settings too.


This could help me (maybe) to find the reason of this new not understandable error?


So, where can I find this option?


Thanks for help,




PS: Sharepoint 2010 with Nintex Workflow 2010

Settings inside of the workflow. The custom history message is not meant by me!