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How to show Approval status column using Nintex workflow

Question asked by immasud on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by immasud


I have a workflow which approves/rejects after a item is listed. Approve/Reject prcess works fine except i cannot see the approval status column.


Here is my workflow steps:

1. Starts with item created on the list

2. Manager gets notified via email with Approve/Reject opition

3. Manager approves/rejects it

4. Initiator gets an email with the result

5. Task completed


All of those steps works except displaying the column with Approval Status.

I think that column comes from the workflow like the Task completed column. I do not want to create a approval status filed visible to the users than manipulate it using set field.


I am sure someone has done similar workflow in this forum. Please help as i am stuck on it.