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Validation rules limit?

Question asked by liz on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by liz

I have a form which contains multiple validation and formatting rules (although only 1 rule per control).  These rules were working fine but now they have suddenly all failed and the form submits either 1. without any error messages or 2. the red box appears around the error feild but no error text appears and then it submits anyway.  This is now the second validation heavy form this has occurred on.  Is this an error or is there a limit on the number of rules that can be used on a form?  Has anyone else experinced this?


This is an example of one of the simple rules that has failed:




The attached images show the same rule working in one form then not working in another form.  Note that it was working in the form originally but then stopped along with all the other rules.  As you can see the red box appears (sometimes!) but no error message appears at the top and it just submits.  I have tried deleting all the rules, I have deleted all custom javascript and its still not working.