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Auto-Populate Excel Document - Workflow

Question asked by andrew_valentine on Mar 10, 2015
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I have successfully created an 'invoice' Microsoft Word template in my SharePoint Online system. A workflow takes data from a list called "Jobs" and places the information in corresponding columns in a Document Library called "Instructions".

Once the workflow has finished not only has all of the relevant data been copied across to the columns in "Instructions" but the Document Library has also created a complete Word Document from my template - and converted the Document Property Tags into the values of the named columns needed. This is auto-creating my invoices no trouble at all.


As I work at a Building Surveyors Office we have Risk assessments to carry out for each job also. We often use applications that the Client and Contractors insist on using, so I would need to find a way to 'Auto-Populate' or 'Auto-Create' a Microsoft Excel Document.


I have faith in Nintex Workflow Technologies, infact most problems I have faced/will face during this project I am comfortable in the fact that the workflows can help me do just about anything, so my grey area is with the Excel Template.


How would I set up Document Properties in Excel? (The process used for Word is not available in Excel)


Anyone have any Ideas?


Many Thanks,