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How to dynamically set List Title attribute - Forms for Office 365

Question asked by iamwedgie on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by christopheraucq

I've been trying to replicate the example Travel Request form development process with attributes required by my client. I removed Title from the form, but it remains in the SharePoint list and is displayed as [No Title], as it doesn't have a value. If I remove this attribute from the SharePoint List, then it seems that I cannot return to Edit the Form. I tried to give the attribute a default value by concatenating other attributes from the SharePoint List, as per the command fn-And(Employee (Display Name), ID), but this doesn't actually seem to populate the Title attribute.


So can anyone advise how to populate Title with a default value, or set up an alternative item in the SharePoint List which will link to the form and allow it to be edited?