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Date Comparison in WF

Question asked by janp on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by kjhawkins

I've run into some trouble trying to compare date fields.


I have a date value - dateNow which I calculate using the Calcuate Date control while using the "use date when action is executed" and "include time".

I then compare it to a From and a To value to see if a specific schedule applies. (these are Date & Time columns)


In my Query List action I check that the From <= dateNow <= TO.


The WF logs this:


FROM: 2015-03-06 9:00 AM

dateNow: 2015-03-06 3:48 PM

TO: 2015-03-06 3:00 PM


This means that dateNow is clearly outside of the interval (greater than TO) yet I still get this selection as part of my results.

Basically it seems as if the "visible" values didn't match the values when doing the comparison.


I ran into a similar issue in Visual Studio where the actual date value provided by SP was different than the display one. There I could resolve it with a Convert.ToDateTime and then a comparison to UtcNow. No idea how I'd go about doing that in the NWF.