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Allowed Workflow Designers

Question asked by knox_jannie on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by knox_jannie

When attempting to assign Allow Workflow Designer, I receive an access denied page. This doesn't seems correct as I am the Site Collection Admin.


(Note: I have tried assigning myself Full Control/Design access. However the  Allow Workflow Designer still remains access denied).


Om addition the following groups have received this error, "You have not been allowed as a workflow designer on this teamsite. Contact your Administrator for access." This occurs when attempting to edit existing workflows or create a new one. Makes sense, however I can not grant Workflow designer access.


Groups/Users denied access:


  • Members of the Site
  • Members of the Site Owners Group
  • User that created/published workflow
  • Site Collection Admin


I've searched for a resolution, however there seems that no one has found one yet. Any ideas?