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Using workflow variable in RegEx Action

Question asked by deaconf19 on Mar 2, 2015
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In my previous thread I had gotten a partial answer and did not want to drag out the discussion any further. My current problem is a user sends an email to our SharePoint enabled library.


That email is in HTML format, so when I use the Query XML action to read the email to a multi-line variable I get the HTML version and Text version of the email. The problem is I'm trying to extract a variable after a specific word.


For example I need to extract A12345 which will always present itself after number:


Today's number: A12345


The problem is when I use a variable for the Input text for a RegEx action it will not extract anything, however if I place the contents of the email in the Input text directly it will work. The problem is I can't use static data as the email changes and so does the A12345.


Currently I'm reading the email with the Query Action the I use the Web request to put the contents of the email vaiable into a text file in the same library. I;m not sure if this does anything for me.


Any help is appreciated