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Gantt view - multiple dates in the same row

Question asked by iklekovi on Feb 24, 2015



Following upon post (perhaps a better place for the topic), please assist if the issue can be resolved by Nintex somehow:


For the purpose of showing employees' vacations, I used the list containing multiple rows of start-end date combinations for the same person, e.g.:

Person1   startdate1   enddate1

Person1   startdate2   enddate2


When presented in the Gantt view, I haven't been able to combine multiple rows, as in "group" them based on the person's name parameter, so that the single row in the timeline shows the dates from all items for that particular person.


How can I show those multiple dates in the same row in the Gantt view? I can only show start date and end date of one vacation, but would like to enter multiple periods to be shown in the same row.