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Trying to gather multiple list submission into a single emailed report

Question asked by viddwizard on Feb 23, 2015
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Good Morning,


I've been trying for the better part of a week to figure out how to gather up multiple submissions made to a list and bundle them into a formatted report.


I've found different variations that have been close, but don't seem to do exactly what I'm trying to do. The closest I've gotten was one version that did a web call and allowed the use of XLS (Martin's answer in this thread: Format multiple list items for email) to call out the fields for each one I need. Sadly, this way didn't respect the HTML formatting in the fields that were not plain text and the results were unusable. I've also looked over this post (Formatting Results to an Email), which had several links, but none seemed to cover what I needed.


So, I'm posting here and going to start from scratch..


Here is what I'm trying to do:

At the end of a two week period each team submits a report. They do this by using a Nintex Form. Also, I'm using a list workflow to parse one repeating section on the report into an html table that is submitted directly to the list field. There are 15 fields captured in total on the form including a hard-coded "report date" (for filtering the report search by). As a final step,  There is a list-workflow that is sending an Rich Text/HTML version to person who submitted the report.


What is the most reliable way to collect entries from this list into an email that is formatted (html?) readibly, keeping in mind some fields have HTML in them currently?


Any suggestions would be gratefully welcomed.


UPDATE: I've setup a Query List function and have it storing each of the 15 fields in local variables. I'm guessing I need to either use a "for each" or "loop action" to fill those items into another variable that will hold them, much like parsing a repeating section, I need to parse my list. -- still trying to figure out how to ingest the formVariables I created from the Query.


Still looking for suggestions or tips.