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Is there a way to embed a Nintex Form into a page from a different site collection using the Nintex form web part?

Question asked by psheh on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by psheh

I know that you can embed a Nintex Form using a web part assuming that the Nintex form sits on the same site collection as the page you are embedding the form on. However I want to know if it's possible to embed a form on a page that sits on a different site collection than the one that contains the Nintex form.


For example, if the SharePoint list/Nintex form sit on site collection ABC, is it possible to embed that form using a web part in a page on site collection XYZ?


I know that there is the "Site URL" field when you "edit the web part" but that only works if the form sits on the same site collection. Is there anyway to specify a URL on a different site collection?