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Dictionary variable - Append value

Question asked by christopheraucq Champion on Feb 23, 2015
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From what I have read, Collection variable will not come in O365 because Dictionary variable is available.

One of the Collection variable operation is add a value to the list.

In this sample, the collection contains 3 values: John, Joe, Peter. To add a value (Kris) there is the Add operation with index as parameter.

I am trying to mimic the same with the Dictionary variable but I am stuck.

In a Dictionary variable, you have a Key and a Value

In the sample here above, it will look like 0 - John, 1 - Joe, 2 - Peter with 0, 1 & 2 will represent the index.

How can I add Kris at index 3 without hard-coding the value 3 in my Workflow as I cannot insert a {Variable} for the Key.

I should miss something very obvious, isn't it?

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