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Nintex Workflow 2010 - Copy to SharePoint action stops working after account change

Question asked by gaski on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by sanmmattel

Hi there,

I implemented a Nintex workflow to copy a document from one site collection into another library in another site collection. Therefore, I used the "Copy to SharePoint" action.


Workflow worked fine for the last couple of weeks, but now we needed to change the service account running the action ("Override credentials") from the farmadministrator credentials to a new service account due to a policy change.

Now we get the following error message during execution:


Error occured copying document


User is not a member of site XXX. Please make sure the user has visited the site at least once.


The message seems quite straight forward, but the user:

  • is site collection administrator on target and source site collection
  • has already accessed all relevant site collections
  • is contained in the user information list
  • is contained in the SharePoint group with Full Control permissions on the used sites


Any ideas what might be wrong and how to fix this behaviour?