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Start workflow with a button

Question asked by christopheraucq Champion on Feb 20, 2015
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In O365, to start the workflow, I would like to click on a button I have inserted with some HTML in a computed column.

If I use the onclick event using the same Javascript used when you click on the Workflow name in the Workflow page, it fails as it cannot find the Javascript function.

For example: The Javascript in the Workflow Page is

javascript:StartWorkflow4('5364449-4753-45a6-9d03-2cd1a3128152', '1', '{69F81205-A555-4568-A673-1528C546E3B7}')

FYI, the 3 arguments are (subscriptionId, itemId, itemGuid)

The Javascript fails because StartWorkflow4 is not found. I have tried to reference the page where the Javascript is coded but the debugger told me that the page name is unkwown !!!

Then I tried to use a full url to set in a A HREF, but I cannot find any reference on how to build it.

Did you have any success to build the same feature.