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Nintex Site Workflow Updating Items Correctly but not terminating

Question asked by graflunds on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by graflunds

Hi There,


I am working with Nintex in SharePoint 2010.  I have developed a site workflow that updates a Days Open field.  Pretty Simple logic: 


Query all open items -> Loop through Each -> If Status Contains Waiting: Add 1 to column Waiting Counter -> Else -> Update Days Open (Current Date - Create Date - Waiting Counter)


The workflow updates all items successfully, but it does not complete.  The workflow runs each night, but errors out after all items are processed.  I just added the set status to complete and the end workflow.  I have other Nintex workflows running that complete out themselves without the Statuses.


Looking through the error that Nintex emails out every morning, it appears all items are processing correctly and then the workflow errors out much later on. 


Any ideas what I'm missing?  Thanks!