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create folder with nested subfolders

Question asked by on Feb 18, 2015
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I've had a search for nested folders and create subfolders but no joy. I'm new to Nintex and not managed to guess my way to a solution so far. I can do this with SharePoint Designer but would like to know the Nintex solution. I appreciate there are more sophisticated ways of using metadata in place of folders but I'm trying to get new users started with something familiar.


I want the simplest way to do the following.


1. Create a folder with subfolders

2. The subfolders need to be flexible, so either A, B, C or 1, 2, 3. It doesn't matter other than they need to be able to be changed by the user if required.


Scenario: case worker needs a folder for a new case. The case would typically have 8 subfolders. Some have 9, some have 7.


User runs a workflow to create case file 123 and it gets created with 8 subfolders.


Process changes 3 months down the line where the subfolders have slightly different names. Ideally user could change the name of the folders that get creating going forward until the next change.


Grateful for any help.