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Nintex Forms Designer - how to display contents from the specific library in the Documents app?

Question asked by iklekovi on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by charlienothing

I need to display a certain set of documents (contents of the Documents type app) on the form. The criteria for filtering is stored in a variable - and it is precisely the name of the subfolder in the Documents type app.


I tried to use List View Form Control. If I select the basic Documents list from the drop-down - ok, I get the contents of the "root" folder.


But when I tried to compile the string for definition of the path I need (which is the subfolder of the root folder), by selecting "Expression" in the List field and using references, published form returned that the "List with name "..." does not exist."

However, I tried to copy the path name ("...") from the return message and the given URL works.


So what else could I do to get what I need? Any ideas?