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List lookup control in repeating section only saves item ID

Question asked by poussin on Feb 13, 2015
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Hi all. This is my first post - hope you don't mind if I start with a query. I am not really a developer, so apologies in advance if any of my terminology isn't quite right.


I have a repeating section in one of my Nintex forms. Within that repeating section is a list lookup control that pulls in values from a column in an external list. The external column is of the 'single line of text' type.


The lookup works just fine when I am inputting data into the form - the data from the external column is displayed in full exactly how I want.


However, when I save the form and check the XML output from the repeating section, I notice that only the item ID is saved - not the data from the column itself.


Here is an example of the XML I am getting:


<WPLookup type="System.String">4</WPLookup>


That number 4 is the item ID of the value I want to look up, not the value itself. The value of that field is a string "WP40 - Painting Pete". Any idea how I can get the string and not just the item ID?


All info gratefully received