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How to populate a list with Approval Comments?

Question asked by knourse on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by burkslm

I am very new to Nintex, and I have been unable to find an applicable tutorial to what I'm trying to accomplish - so please forgive me.


I have a document library, and a list.

When I put a document into the library and run the workflow, it sends an email to individuals to asking for approval of the document and their comments.  I do this through LazyApproval, so they do not have to access Bridge themselves, although they are all in active directory.


Now, this is for a committee approval - so the idea is to get a simple majority, and then notify me when a determination is made.  I then want to go to the list, see who approved/denied, and the comments they sent with their response.


My workflow I designed through reverse engineering a few things I found looked promising.

However, the list was not reflecting the correct approver comments, but showing the correct approver's name.


Mr. Plum | Approved: Yes | Comments: These are Kevin's comments.

Kevin      | Approved: Yes | Comments: These are Kevin's comments.


Now this workflow had a collection operation element to extract comments from lazyapproval emails that half worked, but I figured something in there that I didn't understand was causing the problem - so I've started over.


There has to be a simple way to make this work.  My current workflow does nothing.  It runs, says it's completing, but it's not updating the list.

I'm attaching a screencap of each.  Halp.