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Filtered List Lookup when item is not available anymore due to eg view

Question asked by nintex_imog on Feb 13, 2015

Hi All,

Been searching to find a solution, but I'm stuck.



I have a list1 with people. They can be active or inactive. There is a view1 that filters for all active people.

So when people are inactive, they are not shown.


In another list2, there is a Nintex Form with a List Lookup to the persons in list1, with view1.

This works fine.

When a person is not active, it doesn't show up in the eg new form. So this works good.

Let's say, I have an item that has the value of an inactive person.

In edit form, the picker becomes empty (which is logic, because the person is not active), and when saving, I loose the name of the original person. And that is not the purpose



I tried with rules and appearance, but no solution. I can hide the field or disable it, but in the background, it is still active so it "deletes" the name.

Using a workflow could perhaps solve this, but this is not a nice solution for every list.


Anyone an idea how to prevent that when the List Lookup is empty in edit mode, it overwrites the column?


Thanks for sharing your ideas!