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People picker is not working properly

Question asked by svendron on Feb 12, 2015

Hello all,


we're facing many problems when using the people picker in Nintex Forms.

- Sometimes a user can't be found at all. Closing and reopening a form solves the problem occasionally.

- As soon as there is a typo even the typo is beeing corrected a user will not be found

- if you are trying to insert multiple user, only 1-2 are found, 3,4... won't be found

- Sometimes it takes several minutes till is username has been resolved.


As long we're using the default SharePoint form we're not facing any problem.


We're trying different steps to resolve the problem:

- Updating Nintex Forms to Nintex Forms

- Reducing domains which will be crawlt.


But this steps did not solve our problem.


Does anyone have any recommondation?


We're using SharePoint Foundation 2010. Problem occurs in test and in live environment.


Many Thanks