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multi path process with all steps must be completed - each with its own workflow

Question asked by ericr99 on Feb 11, 2015
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I'm a newbie with Nintex and need to tackle a self service dashboard with link to different workflows. The first workflow is checklist / pre-requisites form. Each item of the checklist is its own workflow - but for the self service process to move - all pre-requisite workflows must have been completed / addressed (and then the real workflow starts to kick in).


In order to request a new service provider you must complete:

1. Task 1 (an approval from your manager - if requestor is not a manager in AD)

2. Task 2 (provide documentation on the provider - such as contact information, website etc.)

3. Task 3 (provide financial information A)

4. Task 4 ( provide provider certifications B)

5 .Task 5 (provide payment information for verification)

When all 5 prerequisite tasks are completed - then it would start real application the process. The order of completion of those 5 pre-requisite tasks is irrelevant.


I see a button for each task in the main form starting each its own workflow and a boolean field for each prerequisite. When each pre-requesite is completed it will check the Boolean fields and start the main workflow when all are set to true.

How do you call an independent workflow? Do you create each prerequisite workflow in the repository of information for the data being required and just call it from the dashboard form with a link on a button to the new item for that list?


Thanks, drowning in my first cup of water