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Copying items between lists while preserving attachments

Question asked by twfrsmichaeldavies on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by kroft1

Hi guys,


We have two separate lists, one for unassigned tasks (let's call it List A) and another (more secure, let's stretch the imagination and call that one List B.) for assigned tasks. Both have the same structure, but List B has some extra fields to show who the item is assigned to, etc.


Items in these lists are uniquely identified with a generated ID. We have a workflow which is supposed to move items between these lists and we've tried the following approaches:


1) Create a new item in List B with the same ID as the source item in List A, then pull all the fields from List A's item into the workflow and throw them into List B's fields.

     -    This works great and all the fields carry over into the new List B item with the exception of the attachment. We then can't select           List A's Attachment field in Nintex to carry that over in the same fashion. Bit of a showstopper.


2) Copy the item from List A to List B as a whole.

     -    This seems to carry over the attachments and most of the fields, but some columns are blank and Nintex won't allow us to work           around this by just selecting these columns as a destination when updating a list item.


So it seems our choice at the moment is either "Have your attachment, or have your data."


Has anybody come across this before and could give us a gentle nudge in the right direction?


Thank you in advance,

Michael Davies