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How to display items from the Tasks app type in the Nintex form? Which Form Control to use?

Question asked by iklekovi on Feb 10, 2015

I'm trying to collect all the data present on the site and related to the specific item in the List app to be visible via a single Nintex form (created on the very same List).


A single column in the List is a "primary key" (pardon my terminology) for relating the data from the other apps on the same site: types List and Tasks.


I've managed to display the related items from the List app type by using Form Control "List View" and filtering by using "a control's value". Works fine.


But how do I display the contents of the Tasks app, with or without filtering by column?

When trying to use the same Form Control "List View" and selecting the List from the drop-down, I am returned with an error that the selected "List with name XYZ does not exist."

Preview returns the same, Publish is therefore disabled.

Which Form Control to use? "Sharepoint" group of Form Controls lists only 6 Controls (snip attached).


Moreover, I want to be able to select the name of the Tasks app to display by building a string from the Variables (because that is how the Tasks app is named in the first place). Any idea how to accomplish this as well?


Even further (for the purpose of clarifying the intent): the Tasks app I'm trying to display contains date&time columns. I would like to filter which items from the Tasks to display on the form, based upon these columns.