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How do I cancel a workflow if approver ignores approval request?

Question asked by ljone793 on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by christopheraucq

We need a workflow to end if a manger ignores the approval request, and the reminders.


What I've done, but it doesn't work.

1. "Run parallel actions".

2. Added "Request Approval" on one branch.

3. Added Task reminder on other branch (set to send 2 reminders)

- I have set up Action ID: Approval Action ID

4. Added "Set variable"  ManApprove to Yes if the Manager approves the form.

5. Added "Set a condition" after the Task reminders. This is set to check if the ManApprove variable is set to yes.

- this works if the manager approves the request, but if they ignore the approval requests, it will not go down the "No" side of the

Other info:

I can't use Flexi task because I need the approvers to be able to approve with the link on the email.

I can't turn on Lazy approvals because our VP doesn't want people to do that for some of the other workflows we are using.

We are not to delegate to another manger if they ignore.