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Nintex Forms: List Lookups to populate form data - A proper explanation, please.

Question asked by shaunlub on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by betho24

I am struggling to understand how the List Lookup works in Nintex forms 2013. I have a list of Departments with staff members in ascending levels of authority in the columns. From a pull-down containing the Departments (from the Approver's list), I want the form to pull in the staff members names (from the other columns in the Approvers list) on to the form to be saved for the later approval process. Linking the lookup control to the source list seems simple enough. But getting the information from other columns in that approver's list on to the form does not work. Is there any setup I am missing on the lookup control, on a form variable, or something else. Examples I have found seem to always have the ID column in the lookup function - is this essential (it's not explained as such)? InfoPath does this very well. But I really want to know how it works in Nintex and to use it. I have scoured this site and the internet. There is very little detail on how this works.