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Scoring mechanism in Nintex Forms

Question asked by glenda on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by glenda

Hi guys,


Has anyone ever tried making some kind of "scoring mechanism" in Nintex Forms?



Question 1 choice: A B or C --> in case A the score will be '-1', in case B score '2' and so on. But then for more questions .


I would like to show the scores on the form. That when one picks an option it appears in the column next to it. And in the end the total score should be calculated and displayed.


I'm a bit stuck on this... It's working fine when I would use input number fields where one could enter the appropriate score and the form generates the sum using a calculated field. But I actually do not want users to be filling them out manually as mistakes could happen.

I already tried using a form variable and a calculated field... did not work out as I am actually not sure what function(s) to use.


Any brilliant ideas or tips? Otherwise I will use a workflow to take care of the calculations, but in this business case it would be an added value if it would be possible in the form itself.