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How to get Task ID from Request Data workflow action in Nintex 2010?

Question asked by jun on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by jun

Hi all,


I'm trying to copy attachments from a task list item to a custom list item. I got stuck on the first step: getting the task ID.

Here is the configuration of the request data action.


To simplify the process, I trimmed my workflow short. Just the request data action and a log history action. In the log history action, I log the "TaskIDSTLDecison" variable. When I run the workflow, the logged message always return "0" as the "TaskIDSTLDecison".


I read about this post Can only get the TaskId when the task is done, and tried the "Correct Answer", that didn't help me. When I filter on the Related Content column on the Workflow Tasks list, I didn't get any value for the ID column.


Has anyone tried similar thing before?


Thanks in advance.