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Manager issue to address in an calendar for specific time, users report theme done on other list

Question asked by k9aland on Feb 7, 2015

Hello, first time writhing i this community and I am self thought regarding NW2010!


I have an visualisation how this should be done, but can´t get my head around how to build it!

Idea I have:

Manager decides on calendar list what issues should be addressed during an specific time, there could be a few ongoing on during same time period.


Users report issues done on another list! On this list I like to filter (query list) to only show the active issues for the time period for the user. In the user list there is also specific content types that have to be filed in.

Main thing is how to:

  • User is only shown the issues decided by the manager for the specific time period.
  • Subject, date start, date stop from manager calendar list should be populated  in the users "reporting back" list for later filtering and sorting.

Is this something for a workflow or is it something that I have not figured out regarding lookup fields in Sharepoint?