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End workflow action in UDA. Workflow is still under 'Running workflows' in view workflow history page

Question asked by inehme on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by kapilkjoshi


In a UDA I am using 'End workflow' action. I add the UDA to a workflow and run it.


The workflow is stopping at 'End workflow' but when I go to list item - View workflow history. I see that the workflow is still under 'Running workflow'. I tested it several times with the same result. Workflow stay under 'Running Workflow' section indefinetely.

When I preview the running workflow the UDA is highlighted in 'yellow' but the workflow did not end.


It is creating a confusion to the users when they view the workflow history and they see there are many workflows under 'Running workflow'.  Is this the way it's suppose to work? Is there a way to end a workflow from a UDA and getting that workflow off the 'Running workflow' section in workflow history?