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How can I make an email that changes based on a form?

Question asked by dingraham on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by jun

Hello all! I am fairly new to Nintex and greatly appreciate any help.


I have a somewhat lengthy form that I build in Infopath and that will be implemented in SharePoint. The output goes to a SharePoint form directory.


My question is, how can I design a workflow that will send an email based on which fields were filled out? I would rather not write a workflow and email for each possible situation, because there are a lot of fields and which ones need to get filled varies greatly based on the client.


Ideally what I want is to build one email template, and have it show (or not show) different sections based on what parts of the form were filled out. Can this be achieved, and if so how?


All the involved software is the 2010 versions .