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How to move SharePoint List Items into an Archive using Nintex Workflow

Question asked by mehdi.ghoffrani on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by heints

Dear Nintex community,


I'm planning to set up an archive for one of our SharePoint environments.

The goal is to move certain list items (identified by some logical criteria defined in a Nintex workflow) to another “Archive” site inside the same site collection, preserving important attributes like:

  • Item ID
  • Created by
  • Created on
  • Modified by
  • Modified on
  • Complete version history of the list item
  • If possible, also the Nintex workflow history (of certain Nintex workflows running on the list item)


Is there any possibility to do this with Nintex Workflow? If yes, is there an description / white paper about this issue?

If not, do you know / can you propose some third party tools (which can maybe be integrated into a Nintex workflow) for this purpose?


Thanks very much and best regards,

Mehdi Ghoffrani