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Query List using datetime search

Question asked by colinmccudden on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by scalder

Hello All,


I have a Site Workflow that is doing a Query List to try and bring back Items that have been created over 10 minutes ago.


This initially populates a datetime workflow variable using the Calculate Date action - using the date when Action runs - including the time and subtracting 10 minutes.


However when I use this value within the 'Query List' action and look for any items with a Create Date less than this datetime variable - the results will only pick up Items that have a Create Date at least of the previous day.  This does not seem to take account of any items that are created earlier in the day.  It doesnt seem to be taking into account the time of the datetime value.


Can anyone give me any tips?