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How to connect Nintex Forms and Workflows to interact with CRM 2013 (connected using O365)?

Question asked by jburton on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by tomcastiglia



We recently upgraded our CRM services to both 2013, and then to using Office 365 as a way to consolidate users and add a level of federation to our login capabilities.


However, now we are looking into adding some Nintex Forms and Workflows that correspond directly with CRM either through information look-ups, or by updating records. Now, when we go into our current Nintex Workflows and add a step in relation to CRM, it is asking for the URL (which we know) and credentials, but I am now quite sure if this is accurate.


Are we missing something, like a O365 connector for CRM, or will the standard CRM actions work with our current setup, and if so, how?


- Josh