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What is the best way to cancel Running and Faulting workflow instances on list item

Question asked by inehme on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2015 by dburg

I am trying to cancel all running and faulting workflow instances on a list item.

I used the 'Call web service' to workflow.asmx web service and I am using the method 'GetWorkflowHistoryForListItem' to get running and Faulting state workflow then get the workflow id instance and terminate workflow. I have to call the web service method twice with

stateFilter (SPWorkflowState) Running and another call with stateFilter (SPWorkflowState) Faulting


1- Is there a way to combine the stateFilter such as: Running | Faulting. I try to use 000001000010 - Running | Faulting and Running & Faulting but nothing worked.


2- Is there another way to cancel all workflow instances on a list item?