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How do I get the count of attachments for a specific attachments field on the form?

Question asked by markjjordan on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by kapilkjoshi

In a Nintex form, one is able to add more than 1 attachments field, and the attachments made to a specific field will stay with that field when the form is displayed or edited later.


In the Nintex workflow, how would one get a count of attachments for one of those specific attachment fields? I can get a count of all documents using the SharePoint WebService call, but I only was the count of the documents for a specific attachments field on my form.


I've attached a screen shot of part of my form. What I need to do in my workflow is ... if the "... ACH ..." checkbox is clicked, then assure that at least 1 document is attached.


I know that the form's attachment field has a "Minimum documents" value, but that has to remain at 0 since if someone does not check that box, then no documents are required for that attachments field.


By the way, there are at least 10 other attachment fields on the form elsewhere... I'll need to do a similar validation check for each of those as well.


Thanks for any help someone can give.