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policy approval workflow errors

Question asked by mlp5213 on Feb 2, 2015
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I have a list workflow that requires a policy approval. There is a list that contains group names and their respective email AD groups (config list). Since users only know the group names in the main list where the workflow runs, there is a lookup column that allows a user to pick from the list of group names from "config list" and allows multiple options to be selected. When creating the workflow, I am querying the main list to store these selections into a single text variable and then splitting these groups and storing them in a collection variable. Then I want to loop through each collection variable and store that one group name in a txt variable. Within the for loop i have a query list that looks at the config list (lookup) and wherever the group name equals whatever is in the txt variable, then put its associated email AD group into a person/group variable. Then an email should be sent to all email groups that were selected. It seems that it is only sending an email to the first group selected though. It says completed but once it tries to assign the email group to the group name it stores nothing and then no email is sent.


Basically what i am trying to do is be able to pick multiple group names from the main list and map it to their respective email addresses and then send those groups an email for approval.


Any thoughts or suggestions on doing this?