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Project Server 2013 Online: PDP integration with Nintex SharePoint form 2013

Question asked by badalratra on Feb 1, 2015

Hi Team,


What are the options available to display Project wise data in PDP using the Nintex SharePoint Site list onto the PDP in the Project Server 2013?


I have configured the "Nintex List Forms Online" app onto the PDP but could anyone let me know is there any way to pass the run time parameter values PROJECT GUID, LIST ID and list GUID?


How can we hook up the Nintex form Save Button with PDP Save Button and could not able to edit the form value in the PDP though it allows to hit the save button & redirect to SharePoint Register where the List is sitting.


Also, appreciate if someone can confirm Nintex form solution offer the below capabilities -


  • PDP Integration in Project Server 2013
  • Cascading / Depending Lookup Lists
  • Field validation support
  • Calculated Values support
  • Hide/Show logic support
  • Hidden field support
  • Pagination/Tab support for long forms
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript injection support
  • Data lookups support - SharePoint Lists / Project Custom Fields e.g. Project ID/Name
  • Email support / External users - form support
  • Workflow integration support
  • Document attachment support


Thank you.



Badal Ratra