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Create Workflow for status change

Question asked by doolyd on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by doolyd

I need to create a workflow that sends out an email when a column value is changed.


So what I have is a task list that when a new item is created it get populated with Assigned person.  That fires off an email notification telling them they have been assigned a task.  The next step would be if that Assigned Person gets changed to another then I would need another email notification to be sent to this new assigned person.


In my workflow settings I have "Start when new items are created" - Conditional


                              Primary Assigned To:

                                        Is not empty


Then inside my workflow I have a "send email notification" set to the Primary Assigned To person.


I cannot figure out if I need to set the "Start when items are modified" = Conditional or handle this comparison inside the workflow


Hope that makes sense.