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Redirect to eCommerce from Live form

Question asked by sjnbham on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2015 by cutty

We're trying to configure a Nintex 2013 Live form to send customers to a payment portal as part of a registration process. In order to populate the fields on the payment form, we would like to pass along variables in the URL from the Nintex form. We've tried two methods:


1) Customizing the redirect URL from the Nintex form. This doesn't seem to apply to the Live flavor of the form though. It seems to be set on going to the confirmation message page under the Live settings.


2) Creating a link on the Live confirmation message page to proceed to the payment gateway. However, we only appear to have access to Item Properties and not Form Variables or Form Controls.


Is there a way to pass a value from a field or variable on the form and insert it into a hyperlink address field on the confirmation message?


Maybe there's a way to customize the Submit button to save the form and redirect to the URL which includes the form variables. I found this discussion, which seems to point to this not being possible? Nintex forms custom button submit AND redirect


Thanks for any tips you can pass along.