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Is it possible to Combine existing SharePoint 2013 objects with Nintex objects

Question asked by jassie on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by switlen

Since this is the first time that I am looking at Nintex, I have the following questions about combining Nintex objects with SharePoint 2013 objects:

1. Can I merge Nintex workflow with sharepoint 2013 workflow or do the workflows need to be completely separate? If they can be merged together, can you tell me how to merge the workflows together?

2. Can I merge Nintex 2013 forms with InfoPath 2013 custom list forms or do the forms need to be completely separate? If the forms can be merged, can you tell me how they can be merged?

3. Can an InfoPath 2013 custom list form work with a Nintex workflow? if so, would you show me how?

4. Can a Nintext workflow be exported to Visio 2013 and then be imported back to the Nintext workflow?