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Using nintex forms to customise an external list - what are the minimum required operations?

Question asked by gadams on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by cazza162

Hi All,

I'm trying put a solution together were we use an external list to present sql data.

It only needs to display this item information.


I tried to create the external content type with a read list and read item operations.

Then I created the external list. However when I go to customise the form it shows no controls on the page.


I created a new external content type with all the operations then created an external list.

I edited the Nintex form and it displayed all the columns.


So first question is what are the minimum requirements for being able to customise an external list with Nintex forms.

The Nintex form 2013 user manual is very lacking in detail in this area.


Part 2)

My next thing I wanted to add a standard list view web part on the site home page to the external list, then connect it to a Nintex form list web part to display the form item. However I am receiving errors when trying this.

Has anyone else had some experience with this issue?