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Permission for task assignee to view item

Question asked by patyadon on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by martins.ozers

When a workflow assigns a task to a user, the user is able to go to the Approve/Reject page for this item. In the Item Properties at the bottom of that page, the user can see a list of fields and the response given by the person who filled out the form. This list does not include all the fields and responses that are in repeating sections, though.

There is a link to the item on the Approve/Reject page, but when the task assignee clicks on that link, he gets an error saying he does not have access to the page that would show the filled-out form. My question is, what permission is required to give the task assignees the ability to see the filled-out forms? I will attach a list of the permissions I have granted to users in the Approver role - permissions do include Override List Behaviors - which should enable them to read/edit items they did not create. I do not see anyplace on the list itself where I can set a permission to allow approvers to view items.

I would appreciate your help.