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Cascading dropdowns for "People" fields

Question asked by johncharles on Jan 28, 2015
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Hoping I can ask for assistance please!

Basically - I can get cascading dropdowns working for "Text" fields but not for "People" fields.


The requirement is to manage maintenance issues at our different sites.

Each site has specific Buildings, Suppliers and Approvers. I created SharePoint lists for Buildings, Suppliers and Approvers, with "Dependant " fields linking to the sites list. All working fine. Another Sharepoint List records Maintenance issues.


I have a Nintex Form for the Maintenance Issue.

First Field is "Site" - user selects from a drop down list of sites.  This makes a control  "SelectSite".

I use Cascading dropdowns to filter values for Buildings, Suppliers and Approvers based on user choice (SelectSite).  (Thank you Emily!)

This works well for Buildings and Suppliers, which return text values that I connect to text fields on the Issues List.

Approvers are also successfully filtered - The correct approvers are selectable - However I cannot Connect/return the selected person value to the issues list Approvers field ("People" type).  Apologies if I have missed something obvious.


How can I get the selected "Issue Approver" People value to return to the Maintenance Issues List as a Person field?

Environment is NF